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Established in 1987, DP Industries is a family owned and operated wood products manufacturer with established principles which recognize the importance of quality products and customer satisfaction. At our manufacturing and distribution facility in central Maine, we utilize the most efficient production and process methods available and focus our sourcing on renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

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Our production system begins with logs from local sustainably managed forests harvested by local loggers. An efficient process follows which maximizes raw material yields while maintaining close attention to quality.

All wood waste is recovered as fuel for our state of the art wood fueled steam generation system, or as biomass to local commercial consumers, or as firewood to heat the homes of our neighbors. As a result, we can say with pride and confidence our wood products are biodegradable, renewable and sustainable.

We are also very proud to maintain our manufacturing facility in the United States of America and provide support to our local and national economy by offering good jobs with benefits to the surrounding communities. Wherever we can do so competitively, we will continue to source products and raw materials that are “Made in the USA”. We invite you to browse our website and contact us to place an order or for answers to your questions.